6 Reasons to get the Noor Collection this Ramadan & Eid

Very often we are jumbled upon several options while choosing a gift for our loved ones, especially during the festive season. We know that they deserve the best, but where can we find that perfect gift that gives all the goodness and health? Well, you need not look any longer, because we have formulated the perfect gift for your family and friends during this Ramadan and Eid. We've put together the Noor collection, which is guaranteed to wow those close to your hearts throughout the holy month. Delicate delights with no added sugar, no preservatives, and all-natural flavors that awaken your taste senses and leave an indelible memory! The Noor Collection is as distinctive as it is delectable.
Following are 6 reasons why Noor Collection is the perfect gift:

6 Gift Ready Boxes 

 With an assortment of fanciful fruits that are positively radiant, it’s time to throw out the dull and sugar-filled gift options. Impress family, friends, and loved ones with these delightful treats as unconventional luxurious presents. Make a statement this Ramadan with these beautifully curated and healthy fruit arrangements ready for gifting straight to your recipients around the world.  
 Noor collection comes in beautiful boxes which does not require any extra packaging, thus can be gifted as they come. Your loved ones will surely be left amazed with the beautiful exterior and even impressed with what lies inside! 

Health Focused Gifts

 With no added sugar, no preservatives, and all-natural flavors; Noor collections make the perfect blend of health and taste leaving you with an irresistible experience. 
Shop Noor Collection Now
Shop Noor Collection Now

4 A Gift That Truly Stands Out

Regardless of who you are gifting them to, this collection makes sure to leave awestruck with the decadent taste and the nutritional benefits that the treats provide.

3 Halal Certified Gifting Option

Noor Collection ensures the quality and features of itself according to the rules established by the Islamic Council. Thus, are the best gift option for this Ramadan and Eid.
Aiding your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, the Noor Collection establishes a connection with your taste buds that transcends the norm. Packed with flavor, we have formulated the perfect collection of dried fruits & nuts-based assortments that are designed to impress. 

2 Dates Imported From KSA

The dates used in the Noor Collection are imported from KSA. Thus, providing you the authentic taste of the ingredients present in the delicious treats of this collection.
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1 Free Shipping to the USA  

We offer shipping to all addresses in the USA for the Lunar New Year Collection. Also, the prices you see on the website are inclusive of any additional charges.  

What are you waiting for?

Shop the Noor Collection for Ramadan & Eid today. 

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