World of Laumière

Established in 2019, we are an innovative gourmet food brand explore the connection between luxury and nature in an ongoing quest to combine gourmet excellence with healthy lifestyle.

Our vision is to create the world’s finest gourmet fruits, hand-picked for discerning consumers. Attention to fine details, emphasis on uniqueness and “savoir-faire” intertwine in each of our creations. We symbolize a brand celebrated as a trendsetter in the world of premium gourmet assortment with ongoing innovations resulting in new products development.

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Where are we

We responsibility source all of our ingredients, with as many products as possible coming from within USA. Most of these are sourced directly from Bakersfield, where our headquarters is based. We import certain ingredients from other regions globally when required. We take great care in working our partnering farmers and suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients for all our products.

Always Natural

We believe the best way to activate genius & build a healthy body is by developing a healthy relationship with food. We believe the way we eat is truly the way we live.

For those reasons, we create each product with balanced nutrients and great taste, with all natural and highest quality ingredients.

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Offerings curated by
Our Chefs

Carefully select for there origin and their artisian and responsible production. We work persistently to curate fruit assortment with the best and newest dried fruits and other natural products with focus on local sourcing to create a Laumière assortment with modern and classic tastes.

Brand Values

As a brand we have a unique set of values, purpose, and heart. These are explicitly expressed in the way we work, how we treat each other and most importantly, how we treat our customers. By wholly committing to the provision of innovative products and services, which meet or exceed all customer requirements, we are known for upscale offerings, with intent to become a recognized global brand. Our goal will always be to innovate products to reflect gift-givers choice across the world and translate them to upscale offerings.

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Luxury Boxes

Our luxury boxes are perfect for use on all occasions; whether to celebrate engagements, weddings, graduations, or to say 'thank you' to a loved one. Choose from our luxurious corporate assortment of business gift boxes. With each pack full of nutritious, mouth-watering gourmet dried fruits and nuts.

Sharing Health

We, at Laumière, want to share our products across the globe and be the market leader in the gourmet fruit segment. Laumière is synonymous with an assortment of business & personal premium gifts, which will not only delight the recipient but also reflect givers’ good taste and sense of class. Fruits delivered by paying attention to details, ultimate design excellence, and top-notch customer service. All our products are natural and devoid of additives or coloring.

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Quality Service

We are committed to providing products and services that meet and exceed all customer requirements, and applicable standards and specifications. We will ensure a top level of customer satisfaction to foster long-term commitments and productive customer relationships. If the customer’s need is not met completely, the situation will be rectified either by providing an appropriate replacement or refund, based on preference.

Main Ingredients