World of Laumière

We are an innovative food brand exploring the connection between luxury and nature in a quest to combine gourmet excellence with a healthy lifestyle.

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Where are we

Our headquarters is in Bakersfield, California, which is also where we source most of the ingredients. Building a healthy relationship with food helps to achieve physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Good eating habits enrich our lifestyle. For these reasons, we balance nutrition and great taste, using premium standard and natural ingredients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the world's finest fruit-based products tailored for tasteful customers. We create new and innovative recipes in the pursuit of changing the world of gourmet assortments. Our delicacies embody attention to detail, uniqueness, and savoir-faire.

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Our Products

We source premium ingredients locally and from around the world in its quest to set new trends and create state-of-the-art recipes. We consider quality ingredients essential for all its products. For that reason, we partner with the best farmers and suppliers, globally, in meeting these requirements and create all products with all-natural ingredients, free of artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals, and colors.  Our curated collections will change the traditional perception of nutrition and set new trends in the world of healthy-eating, gifting, and self-indulgence.

Our Promise

We commit to offering products that exceed expectations and set stellar standards. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all, to foster lifelong customer relationships. Our aim is to share the goodness of fruits with the world - to be a brand synonymous with healthy gift-giving. Each of our creations brings together keen attention to detail, excellence in design, and top-notch customer service. A gift from Laumière Gourmet Fruits reflects class and sophistication.

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Our Future

We, at Laumière, want to share our products across the globe and be the market leader in the gourmet gifting segment. Laumière is synonymous with an assortment of business & personal premium gifts that will not only delight the recipient but also reflect givers’ good taste.

Five Facets of Laumière

Best Production Practises

A-Grade Quality Products

Product Knowledge and Capabilities 

Artistry and Presentation

Focus on Raw Ingredients

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Our Gift Boxes

Our luxury boxes are perfect for use on all occasions; whether to celebrate engagements, weddings, graduations, or to say 'thank you' to a loved one. Choose from our luxurious corporate assortment of business gift boxes. With each pack full of nutritious, mouth-watering gourmet dried fruits and nuts.

Main Ingredients We Use: