World of Laumière

In the food industry, there has been a decaying factor when it comes to maintaining a quality-oriented essence. Nutrients getting lost in this process and crafting low-quality products in its stead can lead to physical ailments. Including a hearty diet into your daily routine can maximize every aspect of your life. As a food brand, Laumière believes in seeking a healthy balance of delicious and luxury.

With expertly dried fruits that reverberate throughout the food industry, we have chosen to pave the way for better living. Aiding your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, Laumière establishes a connection with your taste-buds that transcends the norm. Packed with flavor, we have formulated the perfect collection of dried fruits & nuts based assortments that are designed to impress.

Bringing a resounding thud that exposes quality ingredients and stylish appeal in one, we include innovation as a value in our process. High in quality, we understand the importance of substance as a factor for health as a prominent goal.

Embracing a more natural route that is more likely to fill you with satisfaction, Laumière makes dried fruits accessible to everyone. Gift Giving, celebrating, or simply for self-indulgence, we are here to serve exceptionally crafted treats.

Where are we

Operating from Bakersfield, California, and simultaneously complemented with immeasurable resources in our surroundings for our ingredients gives us an advantage that sets us apart from other companies. Our ingredients are carefully selected for decadent flavors that will blow away your taste-buds and primarily boost your immune system.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring luxurious, naturally produced dried fruits to the public, not just as a flavorful delight but to shine a light on health and wellness. We believe in the effectiveness of raw and freshly grown produce as an outstanding source of vitamins as well as nutrients. We feel a moral responsibility to incorporate quality into every product.

Our Products

Every individual produce is bursting with an impeccable taste that is a direct product of our careful growing practice. While many companies inject different additives and preservatives, we make it a mandatory rule to remain one hundred percent natural. Preserving taste while eradicating foul practices like chemical-based produce is what we set out to do.

Our Promise

We have established a value system as a company that is comprised of crafting stunningly appetizing gourmet dried fruits and bringing joy as well as satisfaction to our customers. Laumière delivers on a promise to open the doors to healthy living and establish a connection with our customers that surpasses your expectations.

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Our Future

Here at Laumière, we hope to make great strides in the food industry and bring a global change to the market. We’d like to encourage a healthier choice of eating that packs a subtle punch worthy of praise. Leaving a footprint in the food industry while paving the way for health-based diets for our consumers is the goal.

Five Facets of Laumière

Best Production Practises

A-Grade Quality Products

Product Knowledge and Capabilities 

Artistry and Presentation

Focus on Raw Ingredients

Our Gift Boxes

Celebrate the gift-giving in style, with our luxury packed gift boxes that are customized and themed for the ideal present. Shake up the holiday in a unique way when you bring in these carefully assorted bunches of fruits and nuts. Friends and family rejoice! The perfect way to demonstrate your affection. Not to forget all our collections are suitable as healthy gift baskets, vegan gift baskets or vegetarian gift baskets.

Our Featured Collections

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