Are Natural Sweeteners Good For Your Health?

Are Natural Sweeteners Good For Your Health?

You're not alone if you have a sweet tooth and feel the need to continuously satisfy it. The average American eats 17 teaspoons of sugar every day, according to estimates!

The American Heart Association advises against consuming more than six teaspoons of sugar per day for women and nine teaspoons per day for men, so that's a lot of sugar. Many of us consume foods and beverages that are high in sugar even though we don't directly consume them in large amounts.

Since natural sweeteners are used, some individuals might not think it's all that horrible; after all, the word "natural" has to mean something, right? Well, not to make you bitter, but it's not always the case. If you enjoy using natural sweeteners, keep reading to find out whether they are actually healthy.

Natural Sweeteners: What Are They?

The perception is that natural sweeteners undergo less processing than table sugar. They are nevertheless still regarded as added sugars. Before they are sold, many of them also go through some form of processing.

Because certain natural sweeteners contain trace levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, many people believe they are healthier than processed sugar. But it's important to remember that consuming any kind of sugar has no positive effects on your health.

Even though it is a natural sweetener, too much sugar can cause weight gain, tooth damage, and elevated triglycerides in the body.

Examples Of Natural Sweeteners:


Native to the dry, hot climates of the Americas is the agave plant. Agave is a wonderful natural sweetener because of its very low glycemic index of 17, which makes it possible to reduce weight while also managing insulin and blood sugar levels.

It is entirely plant-based and ideal for vegans and is free of common allergens, making it a suitable choice when preparing food for those who have food allergies. Additionally, it is nut- and gluten-free.


 The leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant are used to make stevia. It is one of the more well-liked young sweeteners and contains no calories. The fewest stomach problems are reported by Stevia consumers. According to certain research, stevia provides additional health advantages, such as decreasing hypertension sufferers' blood pressure by 6–14%.

However, some people claim that Stevia can taste false, which is why they don't like the flavor. Some individuals might experience a faint metallic aftertaste.


 Dates are readily digestible and come from the date palm tree. They aid in the breakdown of carbs, lipids, and proteins. Because they include potassium, copper, iron, manganese, and vitamin B6, dates make a wonderful natural sweetener.

Additionally, there is some proof that dates may lower LDL cholesterol.


Numerous vitamins and minerals are abundant in raw honey. Because pasteurized honey loses many of its health benefits, such as encouraging the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract, you should always opt for raw honey as a natural sweetener.

Advantages of Natual Sweeteners

• Natural Only Ingredient

    Natural sweeteners are derived from elements found in nature. It's crucial to remember that some natural sugars don't contribute any calories to your diet. For those with diabetes and issues with weight reduction, they can be a great solution.

    • Control of weight

      Natural sugar substitutes have no calories, making them excellent for those trying to lose weight. A healthy weight can be maintained and your health can be considerably improved by substituting natural sweeteners for sugar.

      • A Diabetic-Friendly Alternative

        Natural sweeteners do not contain carbohydrates like sugar products do, thus no matter how much you eat, your blood sugar level won't be altered. By providing you with a healthier option than sugar, which has a negative impact on your health, they may be the diabetes management strategy you need.



        Natural sweeteners have significantly aided people in reducing their sugar consumption and leading generally healthy lives. If you choose a sugar-free alternative, they give you a natural method to enjoy your tea in its pure form without adding too many calories to the mix or raising your blood sugar. 

        That is why, at Laumière's, we take great pride in our gourmet delicacies and sweets, which are created with 100% natural sweeteners. We are Kosher-certified and use only hand-selected, all-natural ingredients in our delicious and nutritious snacks. We don't use any artificial sweeteners or added sugar.

        Take your time and select the one that is ideal for you so you can relax and enjoy your tea. Our Superfood Parfait Collection is made of 100% natural sweeteners like high quality dates and agave. Why not give it a try right now?




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