Fueling with a Healthy Breakfast

Fuel for the day's work
While there’s nothing majorly wrong with a typical breakfast. A carb-filled bowl of cereal with a coffee may be a decent breakfast before a morning workout, but not if you plan on spending the next few hours sitting down. When your body is stationary, and not using a lot of energy, it needs very little carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are sugars and fibers found in biscuits, sweets, pastas, breads and cereals (the tasty things!). When exercising, carbs are your main source of energy. However, everyone also stores carbs in their body in the form of glycogen. At any one time, we all should have enough energy to get us through a standard day in the office.
A smarter choice of breakfast would be something high in protein and healthy fats! The reason for this is that foods high in these nutrients provide longer-lasting energy. Something like bacon and eggs cooked in coconut oil is one option.
For vegetarians, try some greek yogurt topped with nuts, seeds and a palmful of dried fruits. Choosing a breakfast lower in carbohydrate and higher in fats and proteins also avoids sugar crashes. The dreaded sugar crash can lead to loss of concentration, mood changes and decreased productivity. We all love the instant rush you feel after some chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea but it never lasts.
The benefit of a healthier breakfast means you arrive at lunchtime without feeling starved. You’ll no longer have cravings for big sambos and soup and your mind will be clear to make another smart choice! Whether you bring in your lunch or eat out for lunch, options are always plentiful. Try a fresh salad with salmon, feta and walnuts or a homemade veggie frittata for a protein-packed lunch.

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