Presenting Chag Sameach Collection


With a penchant for flavor and fanciful treats, Laumière Gourmet has released a brand-new collection to bring an impeccable taste that straddles the line of luxury as well as the natural essence of quality ingredients. The Kosher Certified Chag Sameach Collection is not just about unleashing a real taste; it’s about delving deeper into the deliciousness to develop a taste that is so profoundly unique and elegant that it will spark conversation amongst families.

Laumière Gourmet has compiled four unique delectable confectionary treats that are one hundred percent natural curated for Passover. Gift-giving has never been so easy! Rounding up our intricate fruit treat-making experience, we went ahead and generated a great boxed presentations with eye-catching design to hold our passover gourmet fruit candy that will dazzle as it will impress.

Savor the unique flavor!

Not settling for your high-preservative or dull flavored candy, the Passover Collection strives for ingenuity as well as conserving flavor that is rich and nutritious. Our team of expert chefs has incorporated their knowledge of almonds, sesame seeds, figs, pistachio, dates, and more to enrich the lives of many with a variety of flavors matched with a remarkable presentation for a treat that sparks innovation. 

The collection is crafted to represent an elegance that is unmatched in terms of quality, bringing four unique dried-based fruit products that are not only preservative free but also have no additives. We embrace the natural essence that our little blue planet gives to us as our goal is to bring transparency and a more genuine approach to high-quality delicacies.

As we seek to enrich the lives of many with our ground-breaking formula for our fruit-based products, we also seek to begin a conversation that will launch natural eating into the stratosphere. 

Explore the Passover Collection.

The Chag Sameach Collection is great for several occasions and holidays to bring smiles to family or friends. Our well-designed collection box is a representation of our elegance and radiance. Season after season, we come up with dazzling new ideas for you to express sentimental value or make a statement for your loved ones.

This is an expression of love from us as we continue to devote ourselves to bringing you spectacularly unique flavors and innovative presentations, whether for decoration or simply to generate happiness for your family or friends.

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