We Turn One Today!

Laumière Gourmet Fruits is one whole year old! And we can tell you for a fact, that the last 365 days have been filled with passion, excitement, hard work, creativity, and loads of fun. As we reach this major milestone, we thought we’d look back at our journey and share with you some of our most cherishable memories. We want to share the highlights, the amusing stories, and a general overview of what we’ve managed to accomplish in our first year of what most people would call a “business”.  We would call it an absolute rollercoaster, with meeting some lovely people, doing splendid work, and occasionally, screaming ourselves to sleep at night.  

We kicked off at the perfect time–on a sunny day, one beautiful Californian summer; we realized that we share the belief of saying yes and pushing ourselves towards creating the highest quality fruit-based products available in the market. On that shared belief, we launched our website. 

We spent the following months strategizing our eCommerce presence, working on our brand, and following our company’s road map. For over five years, our CEO has had the vision to get the brand going in a specific direction. Between the two of us, we have debated this direction -  we’ve talked about how to incorporate customer feedback, how to innovate our products, and other important questions to which any business should have answers. We’ve been through it all, and looking at things from where we stand today, we think we’ve fared rather well. Seeing our brand pick up has made us immensely happy.

The highlight for us has been speaking to so many great people, who also happen to be our customers. Hearing them tell us their stories, what they think about our collections, and how we inspire them to eat differently is both humbling and inspiring. That’s not to say that all the feedback we have received is universally positive! When you aren’t satisfied, you haven’t hesitated in letting us know how we can improve. And as co-founders, we truly appreciate such feedback - it is incredibly valuable and beneficial to us. 

Our first anniversary has led me to reflect on what we have achieved. Within our first year, we have successfully worked on expanding Laumière’s presence in the USA and Canada. However, the sun isn’t setting on our brand. Our plans for the next year are: 

  • We plan on expanding to other parts of the world, starting with the UK and then, other countries in Europe. We are also looking to expand to Asia. More news on this in the next few months.
  • One of the significant points of feedback we have received from our customers is a request to work on an everyday premium product that can be consumed on the go. Our chefs are already working on this and we will share updates soon.
  • We are also working on newly curated collections - L’Automne Collection, which is a Halloween and Thanksgiving special, the Cadeau de Noel Parfait Collection, which is one of the most requested collections for Christmas, and, for the first time, a special Diwali collection for the glorious festival of lights. 
  • Another one of our visions is becoming a more sustainable brand. We are considering new methods of adopting sustainable practices, like using recyclable packaging, etc.
  • We are constantly improving our website and our online presence to enable efficient interaction with our customers and improve their shopping experience. Two new programs are under construction - a Laumière Credits program that awards loyalty points with every purchase you make, and a partner program that allows you to share the goodness of Laumière with the world. 

One interesting question we are often asked is why we picked this niche - an online natural gourmet store. Here’s why:

  • We had been focusing on becoming the best version of ourselves. That involved feeding our bodies the best nutrients, feeding our minds the right information, and feeding our souls the right knowledge. Through this journey, we noticed that when it came to healthy eating or premium gifting, our options were pretty much limited to plain dried fruits and nuts. And we thought it would be great to find healthy alternatives to sugar and carbs and create tasty products that simultaneously supported a robust lifestyle and premium gift-giving. This is what led to the idea of Laumière Gourmet Fruits. 
  • Our experience over the last few decades has had its focus around F&B, eCommerce, and luxury food. Through the course of our professional careers, our experience in these fields has developed into bona fide expertise. Moreover, the fact that we had international contacts from the industry enabled us to bring people together and source the best ingredients, store them safely, process them gracefully, and deliver the best end products. 
  • This drive has also made us work towards building a sustainable future for the company as well as the world. 

Finally, we want to say that we wouldn’t be where we are today without you - our customers, partners, and team. So, on behalf of Laumière, thank you so much for being part of the family and making this year unforgettable! We’re so proud of building these beautiful relationships with you. They have helped us help you. We’re also excited about what the next year has in store, and, most of all,  we look forward to another successful year of serving you. 

Note: The original blog post was published on the Laumière Gourmet Fruits website


  • Hari PRasad

    I haven’t tried Laumière products yet. But highly appreciate your concept of healthy habits. Will soon shop @ Laumière online.

  • Sandra

    Amazing company! Good look with your future plans! Our family loved your product so keep up with the great stuff!

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