Laumière Gourmet’s Spring Collection has arrived!

Spring is the season of revival, rejuvenation, and new awakenings. Laumière Gourmet Fruits loves nothing more than to adopt these time concepts and incorporate them into treats that celebrate a revitalizing outlook on health and happiness. We have taken all the best flavors of the new season and refined them to excellence. Our team has created a collection to offer a delicious accomplice to the sights and sounds spring offers.

Laumière Gourmet introduces the Spring Collection - 2 lovingly curated gift boxes that include treats fitting the season's description. The sweets deliver on Laumière's all-natural and healthy approach to cuisine - yet provide the most ecstatic and energizing tastes compatible with the most luxurious offerings of the season. 

What you'll find in this collection:

Flower Bonanza: What is Spring without the colors and patterns of flowers? The exquisite and heavenly gift box features breathtaking pistachio crumbles with sugar-free marzipan foundations - perfect for any picnic or season's celebrations. 

Date-icious: Our chefs adopt a unique approach to dates, the pieces have all the flair, succulence - and excitement of Spring. Candied lemon-peels don the angles, creating a taste unparalleled in sweet goodness.

April Bloom: This apricot and almond blended treat incorporates an electrifying taste that will leave you wanting more. The Green Matcha tea logo adds an elegant exterior that’s a feast for the eyes and gives off a tinge of warmth that heartens the soul.

Almond Kick: The Almond kick is made of an almond paste signifying Easter egg that’s blended with caramelized pecan and an assortment of nuts. Our Almond Kick inherits the magnificence of springtime events through versatile flavors and gorgeous presentation. Dates made from an almond paste that blends with caramelized pecan and an assortment of nuts - make this a treat to behold.

Revel in the magnificent flavors of the blooming season.

Sweet-lovers, health enthusiasts, and those searching for springtime landmarks will have a lot to love with our new Spring Collection, especially as an Easter Gift. Each treat is as delicious as the next, serving as perfect pieces for parties, gifts, springtime reverence, and fulfilling that sweet tooth. Laumière's finely crafted products deliver perfectly on season offerings.

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