We are now Kosher Certified!

We are thrilled to announce that Laumière Gourmet Fruits just got its Kosher certification. Both our best sellers, Le Cadeau Parfait & Superfood Parfait Collection are safe for a Kosher diet. We have been working towards this for a while now, and our efforts have finally come to fruition. According to Kosher dietary laws, certain foods and certain combinations of food groups are prohibited. Many people in the world consider this tradition a matter of good health, food safety as well as religious adherence. 
Are desserts Kosher?
One of the main provisions of Kosher law is that meat and dairy shouldn’t be consumed as part of the same meal. Most traditional dessert recipes use dairy products as a major component. So, Kosher desserts are usually created without the use of milk, butter, and other such dairy products. According to Kosher regulations, edible foods without dairy products or meat are classified under Pareve foods. 
Chefs around the world have taken it upon themselves to create desserts that abide by Kosher regulations. Here at Laumière, we have succeeded in creating bite-sized desserts that are healthy, tasty, and of course, Kosher. 
What does this mean to customers looking for Kosher gifts?
Kosher certification is a four-step procedure that involves a strict and thorough audit of a food company, starting from raw materials and manufacturing processes all the way up to packaging. 
Laumière Gourmet is now your one-stop solution for Kosher gifts. Our vision is to create healthy gourmet delights for diverse people from around the world, and this certification means that we are one step closer to achieving this vision.  
If you are looking at any further assistance, please reach out to us on info@laumieregourmet.com

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