We are the first Fruits Company going Climate Neutral! 🌎


In celebration of the Earth Day, we’re thrilled to announce that Laumière Gourmet Fruits is going carbon neutral. Today, we’re committing to measuring and offsetting the full scope of our environmental impact through the pursuit of Climate Neutral Certification.

Through the support of Climate Neutral (an independent, 3rd party nonprofit organization) we'll be able to work on the impact to combat climate change. From measuring the carbon emissions of raw material providers to measuring emissions within our factories to measuring the emissions of the Laumière products to your doorstep, we are committing reducing our footprint and offsetting carbon emissions in their entirety.

Our desire is to give back more to the planet than we take away, and this commitment is a big step in that direction.

Making the long-term commitment to go carbon neutral brought our team a tremendous amount of hope, and we encourage everyone to follow suit.

Simply put, we believe that Certified Climate Neutral will give customers the information needed to make the right decision for the planet, and for our collective future. Whether by reducing your consumption, encouraging your workplace towards Climate Neutral Certification, purchasing from carbon neutral brands, or just soaking in what you just read, together we can rebuild something far greater than what was here before.  

-Team Laumière Gourmet Fruits 

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