What is Holi?

The Holi Festival (or festival of colors) is a fascinating cultural and religious event that entails much more than simply throwing colored dye into the air. Holi is India's most colorful and joyful festival. Despite its beginnings in South Asia, the Hindu festival of colors has grown in popularity worldwide, with Holi celebrations taking place in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries.
What is Holi?
Holi has been celebrated in India for millennia, with poems reaching back to the 4th century CE. It heralds the arrival of spring after a long winter, and it represents the triumph of good over evil. It is observed in March, which corresponds to the Hindu month of Phalguna. Holi will be celebrated on March 18, 2022.
When is Holi celebrated?
Holi is held on the last full moon day of the lunar month (Phalguna), which falls towards the end of March. Holi's exact date varies from year to year.
How is Holi celebrated?
In several regions of India, enormous pyres are lighted on the eve of the festival to symbolize the burning of evil spirits. Bonfires are frequently strewn with wood, dry leaves, and twigs.
Is Holi celebrated only by Hindus in India?
Hindus are the main celebrants of the Holi Festival. Nonetheless, the celebration is quite inclusive, as one of the main themes is unification. While the Holi Festival is founded in Hindu history, it is a worldwide festival. It pulls people together and invites them to let go of their inhibitions, making them feel as if they are part of one large colorful group. 
The Holi Festival is mostly observed in India and Nepal, although it has spread to many cultures around the world over the years. The event is most extensively and openly celebrated in cities such as Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, and while each city's celebration may differ significantly, you can expect plenty of color, music, and dance.
The United States has a sizable Hindu community, especially in major cities. In addition to its religious significance, some people in the United States have adopted the celebration for its spectacle and entertainment value. In Boston, New York, Houston, and even Spanish Fork, Utah, Holi Festivals can be found.
The Holi Feast
Gujiya is a particular dessert that is prepared in every Indian home during Holi. It's a khoya (dairy product) and dried fruit dumpling. Holi's traditional drink is thandai, which typically contains bhang (marijuana). Gol gappe, papri chaat, dal kachori, kanji vada, dahi bhalle, chole bhature, and a variety of nankeen are also popular.
Sweets are regarded to be harbingers of joy and good luck during Holi, and are thus an important element of the holiday! What better way to celebrate than by giving our friends and family our many collections, which are both healthful and delicious? Our Recommendation to Holi's gift:

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