Why We Should Consume Less Processed Food

A balanced diet is necessary for a healthy body. It promotes not only the proper functioning of the human body and its organs, but also the preservation of a healthy weight, the decrease of body fat, the provision of energy, and the promotion of quality sleep.
A well-balanced diet should include healthy carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. This is available in a multitude of healthy, natural foods, notably meats, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, and so on.
Unfortunately, as a result of our fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, many people nowadays make bad dietary choices. They frequently rely on pre-packaged foods that may be speedily cooked. Yes, it is more convenient and cheaper, but is it healthy? No, it's not.

Health risks of processed foods:

  • Sugar and calories are plentiful, but minerals and fiber are in scarcity. Over time, it can lead to insulin resistance, triglycerides, unhealthy cholesterol, and other health complications.
  • Because businesses conduct research to determine which foods appeal to our taste receptors the most, processed foods are extremely addictive. They incorporate it into their cuisines in order to persuade us to eat more of it.
  • It contains artificial substances that are both dangerous and non-nutritive, such as preservatives and additives.

What you should be having instead of processed foods:

Fresh vegetables, fruits, pasteurized milk, chicken, fish, beans, and eggs are considered minimally processed. A good habit would be to stock up on essential healthy snacks which can be a good alternative to processed food. 

Nuts and seeds, trail mixes, fruit bowls, and yogurt meals can all be good options to have.Dry fruits are known as superfoods because their nutritional value is higher than that of other foods. 

They're tasty, packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, making them one of the healthiest processed-food alternatives, and they're a terrific way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

How does Laumière address this problem

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High in quality as we understand the importance of substance as a factor for health as a prominent goal.
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