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With all-natural ingredients, a Superfood Collection gift box is a dessert lovers’ paradise! Made with the finest all-natural ingredients, you will find a smooth rich taste.

Every product is packed with natural ingredients such as various superfoods and dried fruits combination. That’s what makes it perfect for self-consumption or gifting – anywhere and for anyone you would like. Whatever your pick, you can’t go wrong.

Try them out now, risk-free as we offer a 100% refund if you don’t like the product. No questions asked. Are you ready to taste the luxury?



All Natural Recipes

All the products are completely natural and packed with large servings of essential minerals and compounds, making them a healthy source of energy for you and your loved ones. No coloring or artificial flavors have been used to ensure a fresh and healthy product. All the products are suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan Diet.

This gift box will include the following delectable treats: 

Dates with Caramelized Pecan: Caramelized pecan nested on an almond paste and date creates the perfect sweet delight.

Apricot Berry Medley: Almond marzipan with a hint of roasted pistachio brisures and figs is a treat for food lovers.

Figs with Caramelized Pistachio: Lightly roasted & caramelized pistachio brisures with fig is a perfect balance of crisp and soft.

Dates with Candied Orange Peel: Date with candied orange peel, which looks seemingly deceptive, together for a complex and rich orchestra of mouth water flavors. 

Quality Ingredients

All our delicacies across the collections are curated with the highest quality ingredients

Natural Ingredients

No Preservatives

Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Friendly
Gluten Free

No Refined Sugar

Artificial Flavors Free

Low Carbs

Made with Love in
Bakersfield, California

Our selective collections are hand crafted for every occasion or for self indulgence.

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