L'Automne Collection: Out Now

Laumière Gourmet Fruits has recently launched their L’Automne Collection, the collection expresses the essence of Laumière gourmets’ products, combining Luxury and Innovation. A premium healthy treat for the family: perfect for autumn family get-togethers, such as thanksgiving or even Halloween- no tricks, just treats, with all-natural ingredients. 

The popularity of the collection last year inspired Laumière Gourmet Fruits to re-launch an enhanced collection this year with a superior flavor. With two variants, L’Automne Collection – Rectangle and L’Automne Collection - Square these products present a powerful appeal for health-conscious people along with the added advantage of its luxurious finesse. While the Rectangle variant is a bigger assortment with 24 delicacies, the Square one has 16 delicacies.  

The delectable treats available in both the packages are conscientiously curated by Laumière’s chefs for those with a discerning taste. These assortments comprise of four items: 

  • Pumpkin Spiced Figs: An all-time favorite - this recipe features a unique blend of almond marzipan and spiced pumpkin - a delight to kids and adults alike. 
  • Crisp Pepitas: A combination of caramelized and lightly roasted pumpkin seeds and raisins on a date base is bound to impress you and your family. 
  • Autumn Signature: The iconic maple leaf marzipan sitting on top of a soft apricot base creating a delectable treat, that will elate your taste buds. 
  • Dates with Candied Orange Peel: Dates and candied orange peel - a seemingly deceptive pair - come together to form a complex and rich orchestra of mouthwatering flavors. 

These mouth-watering gourmet delicacies are not only exquisite in their appearance but also enrichingly healthy. With quality, health, and well-being at the fore of all the creations, all Laumière Gourmet’s products are locally sourced, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian-friendly, use no additives, artificial coloring or flavors and support a plant-based healthy lifestyle.  

The updated collection is in harmony with the general character of the company’s offerings. It is a boast of distinctive products, a result of its innovative approach, to ensure sophistication while working with natural ingredients. Packaged in luxury boxes, they make the ideal choice of gifts that radiate nutrition and health, while simultaneously exhibiting gourmet excellence. 

Says Vivek Sharma, CEO, "The L’Automne Collection further extends our endeavour to create unique and innovative products that constantly exceed the expectations of our customers and set new benchmarks in the premium gourmet assortments segment, especially for the Fall Season. An elegant yet affordable range of Halloween gifts, the collection is created with the aim of enriching the market with healthy and nature-based gifting options for the Autumn Family Get-togethers. It brings Laumière one step closer to its goal of becoming a preferred global brand for healthy gifting. We want the focus on individual health is at an all-time high, given the present circumstances."  

The new collection is now available on www.laumieregourmet.com for those who wish to switch to gift choices that are not only healthy and tasty but also come wrapped in luxury. In the future, Laumière Gourmet plans to upscale its offerings to provide an even more diverse variety of gourmet fruit products for its customers, a fitting option for mindful indulgence.  

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